“I am a recent client of Mr. Grubbs and I had a very, very hard to win foreclosure case and that realistically would be an automatic loss. I was distraught, he gave me the pros and cons and had me prepare for either scenario. Only a fool would think that they are going to win automatically or has lack of common sense there is no possibility of a loss. I am extremely happy to say he won my case recently and I have my home!! That is all due to Mr. Grubbs and his hard hitting eye for detail and knowledge of Real Estate law. I feel he worked hard on it even with a full slate and multiple clients. He helped me when no one else could in so many ways. Yes, there were some continuations as any normal court case would have, which I appreciated since it kept me in my house longer. It also showed me that he wasn’t just working it as another case he was looking into details and making sure it was done correctly and fairly. He is an excellent lawyer and I have the highest regards for him. I don t feel him disorganized at all, he may not seem all glam or have the fancy stereotypical office like some lawyers try to portray themselves TRUST that has no bearings on his know-how (don t judge a book…) I really like the new people in the office, they are so friendly and when they say they will do something I would actually get a response back. I would recommend him to anyone who is looking for and outstanding lawyer!”

Miram Leban

“Ken has represented me on 14 real estate foreclosure cases in the San Antonio area. He and his team of experts have assisted me in fighting foreclosure fraud, and mortgage fraud related to the “Robosigners” scandal. He has stopped all of the foreclosures we have brought him. We have always found him very easy to work with, friendly, and competent. However, he is a tough and sharp litigator and will fight for you. He has the knowledge, the experience, and the team to help you save your home. I highly recommend him for any real estate matters, especially foreclosure defense and defense against fraud!”

Happy Client

“Hired Kenneth Grubbs to get money back from crook car dealer. Not only did Ken get all my money back he also recovered enough to pay for all attorney’s fees and costs. He’s a great lawyer and I would highly recommend him. Posted with permission of Sam O!”

Satisfied Client

“I employed Ken Grubbs in a rather nasty divorce and custody case and a business harassment case. He was professional, friendly and very, very good. Ken represented me very effectively through several court visits and easily brought out the truth and facts of the matter. Obviously I won the case and Ken was with me every step of the way, telling me what to expect, what I needed to do and handling everything that didn’t need my direct presence. I recommend him to all my friends when they have problems and I recommend him to anyone reading this!”

Satisfied Client