Foundation Repair Disputes

Foundation Repair Defects

Construction defects are typical in the construction industry but are you prepared to defend your rights against foundation repair defects?

A foundation repair defect presents a complex legal issue as well as a costly problem to the buyer or seller of a property. Determining the cause of foundation defects requires thorough investigation, and the cause as well as the parties responsible for a foundation defect is not always apparent.

Our firm can help you determine who’s at fault and whether you have a valid foundation repair defect case. We will work with our experts to evaluate the nature of the damage that was done, how it impacts the value and use of the premises, and how the harm can be remedied. More importantly suing to help aquire funds to repair the problem.

We will help you determine the legal process and remedies that are in your best interests because taking the right course of action is critical, and it requires professional assessment and counsel.

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Foundation repair defects are costly and inconvenient. Let us bring our knowledge of construction defect law and strategy to help you resolve the situation.

We are prepared to discuss your case, lay out your options, protect your rights and work for your best possible solution.

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