Business Litigation

Business Disputes

Have you been involved with a disagreement with your business partners? Has a company attempted to cheat your business? If so you have legal rights. Whether it is your commercial landlord, as supplier or a disagreement in your company we can help you sort through your legal rights. We recently obtained over $900,000 verdict for a company that was buying a nursing home, where the owner of the nursing home attempted to reneg on the deal.

If this sound like you, then please give us a call for your free consultation

Department of Collections

Does someone owe you money for work or services provided. Does someone owe you a judgment that your lawyer just can’t seem to collect? There are few lawyers in town who have knowledge about attempting to collect the money you are owed. Our office has a tract history of collecting. Some of the best lawyers in town use our office for their debt collection issues and on collection on judgments. Give us a call and we will show you the money!


Are you being sued? Are you having trouble getting your insurance to provide a defense for you even through you paid for the coverage? Unfortunately, this is a common problem right now and unless you have a small fortune save up its even harder trying to find a reasonably priced lawyer to provide you a competent defense.

Our firm is mostly a Plaintiff’s firm, but that’s good news for you because I’ve leaved every Defense lawyer trick in the book from some of the very best in the state and am willing to provide that knowledge to you for a faction of what those lawyers would charge as a retainer. Defendant yourself can be expensive no matter who the lawyer is but the risk to your credit and everything you have worked for is to great not to hire a lawyer and defend yourself even against the most frivilous of suits. When you have been sued, hiding your head in the sand is not a viable option.

We can help you deal with this issue without breaking your bank account.