Company Vehicle Accidents

Company Vehicle Accident Lawyer in San Antonio

When an employee is driving a company car, or truck, usually the employee is acting within the scope of his or her employment.

This includes making deliveries, driving to and from off-site jobs, driving to and from work and using the company vehicle while pursuing other job duties.

If a car accident occurs while an individual is driving a vehicle in order to perform his or her work duties or to do something for his or her employer, there may be employer liability.

In any case, whether or not an employer will be liable depends on whether there is some legal reason for assigning responsibility to the employer.

Proving Employer Negligence

Employer negligence can be proven if the company did not properly screen or train its employers. Commercial truck drivers need to have valid drivers’ licenses and companies should think carefully about hiring drivers with multiple infractions on their driving record.

If employer negligence can be proven, the employer may still be held liable for an accident. Whether the driver shares liability can depend on his or her own actions and whether he or she willfully violated the law.

No matter how your car accident happened, you need an attorney. Accidents involving company vehicles can be very complex and will often involve an employer who claims they should not be held responsible for any accidents their employees make.

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