Will Attorney in San Antonio

A Last Will and Testament allows you to retain control over how your assets are distributed and to whom they pass to after your death.

A will is a critical aspect of the estate planning process. Without a will, the expense of transferring your property to your loved ones can increase, leaving less of your assets to benefit your family.

Many clients are surprised to learn that their estate will be affected by federal and state estate taxes. We can clearly and concisely explain various methods of legally and ethically reducing or eliminating this tax burden from your beneficiaries, which are often not costly or complicated.

Anyone’s estate will be more smoothly administered if they take the time to draft a will, but for those with minor children, real estate, or substantial assets, a will is critical.

Whatever your estate planning needs, failure to have an effective plan in place can result in many negative consequences, such as your assets not being distributed according to your wishes at the time of your death.

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Consulting with an experienced wills attorney is the best way to ensure your wishes are properly carried out.

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