Commercial/Residential Real Estate

Real Estate Contracts

I have to say, that the “do it yourself” internet contracts and wills are my favorite. I have made a fortune over cleaning up the messes of persons or companies who have tried to draft real estate documents, contracts, trusts and wills themselves. However, I can advise you that it is a lot cheaper to get me involved at the beginning. Let my team take a look at that builder contract, take a look at the construction site to make sure you are getting what you paid for or even just helping you draft those transaction documents that won’t get you sued later.

And if you do get sued will make dismissing the case a lot easier-because no one can guarantee that an issue won’t end up with in litigation these days

If you want us to take a look at your transaction and help you get it done right give us a call for a free consult.

Real Estate Investors

Are you looking into getting into the real estate business? Have you heard all those get rich quick seminar guys on the radio and TV? Truth is those guys cost a fortune and you don’t need them to start your real estate business. I have helped investors get their flipping and rental businesses off the ground for over 20 years and have a winning track record of defending my long term clients. I have represented some of the best in the business and can help you get started or keep your real estate empire be protected and profitable for years to come.

Real Estate Foreclosures /Bank Litigation

During COVID, just like in the 2008 bank crisis, the Government made banks provide
programs to defer payments. However, “forebearance” does not mean forgiveness.
The banks now want their money and unlike 2008 property values have skyrocketed and the bank can foreclose on your property and make a nice profit on the re-sale. So why would the bank work with your?

My experience over the last 20 years in this area is that they won’t. Additionally, if you file bankruptcy, it stops the foreclosure but ruins your credit and if you can afford post petition payments your property will end right back up on the auction block in a couple of months. We have a track record of forcing the big banks into make deals. While removal to federal court can be fatal to a person trying to save their home, there are ways to stay our of federal court and to force the banks into at least talking to you about a second chance to keep your home or to come out of the situation with good credit and a way to end up in a home. Texas law is not very consumer friendly and the same is true of the foreclosure law. Did you know that the bank does not have to prove that you received a notice of foreclosure? The bank only has to prove they mailed it to you! Right now the banks don’t even have to consider a loan modification but with a successful litigation strategy you might be able to win that second chance. Give us a call and let’s talk about your options.

Case Evaluation section Resend contract settlement $600,000

Representing one client on a construction defects case a builder recently settled with our client for over $600,000 in damages. Attorneys fees and costs on the case were $47,000

Wilson county verdict $900,000

Representing one client in conservative Wilson County a Wilson County awarded our client over $900,000 in a business dispute. Attorneys fees and costs on the case were $38,000

Bexar County Jury $400,000

In a real estate dispute a Bexar County Jury awarded our client over $400,000 in total damages. Attorneys fees and costs in the matter were $135,000 which were also awarded as part of the total award so that the client was reimbursed for all costs and fees.